Samsung CHT-420 User Manual

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Instruction Manual
Set : DVD-CM420
Speaker : SP-420
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Instruction Manual

Instruction ManualCHT-420(Set : DVD-CM420)Speaker : SP-420www.samsungusa.comOPEN/CLOSECHANNEL DVD VCR FM/AM INPUTEJECTPHONE

Page 2 - Safety Instructions

19Tuner Band SettingThis feature allows you to manually set the DVD-VCR’s tuner bandto Antenna or Cable, whichever you connected to the Antenna Injack

Page 3 - Table of Contents

2120Channel Add/DeleteUse this feature if Auto Channel Search missed a channel that youwould like to add, or added a channel you wish to remove.1 Open

Page 4 - Unpacking

1 Open “MENU”With the DVD in stop mode, press the MENU button.2 Select “Options”Using the up/down and left/right buttons, move the selection cursorto

Page 5 - Front Panel Display

2524Follow these steps to choose your preferred language for DVDsubtitles. The DVD-VCR will automatically default to the languageyou choose if it is a

Page 6 - Rear Panel

27Dynamic CompressionDynamic Compression constrains the dynamic range, i.e. thedifference between the quietest and loudest passages of a DVDsoundtrack

Page 7 - Basic Connections/Auto Setup

2928Alt Video OutBlack LevelThe Black Level feature adjusts the reference level of black in thevideo signal to one of two choices:• Low - Standard NTS

Page 8 - Basic TV Tuner Operations

3130During DVD/CD playback you can select from the followingspecial playback options. To resume normal playback, press the ❿ll(Play/Pause) button. NOT

Page 9 - Clock Setup

33You can zoom in at 2 or 4 times the normal magnification whilewatching a DVD. 1 Open Zoom Magnifying GlassDuring Playback or Still mode, press the Z

Page 10 - Manual Clock Set

35A-B RepeatThe A-B Repeat function allows you to repeat any segment of aDVD or CD. Simply mark the beginning point (A) and the endingpoint (B) of the

Page 11 - Auto Channel Memory

37You can insert up to three Bookmarks on your DVDs, so you canjump quickly to your favorite scene or song.1 Open Bookmark MenuDuring playback, press

Page 12 - RF Output Channel

32Note to CATV system installer: This reminder is provided to call CATV system installer's attention to Article820-40 of the National Electrical

Page 13 - Subtitle Language

39Random Playback lets the DVD-VCR set a random order forplayback of tracks on a CD.1 Open Playback Mode MenuIn play mode, press the MODE button. 2 Se

Page 14 - Parental

4140If you want your videotapes to play automatically when you insertthem, turn on Auto Play.NOTE: Only tapes that are missing the Record Safety Tab w

Page 15 - TV Aspect Ratio

4342You can record a TV show in progress by inserting a blank tape andpressing the REC button. You can even add time in 30-minuteincrements up to 4 ho

Page 16 - Screen Fit Playback

4544Record SpeedYou can slow down the recording speed from SP to SLP in order tofit six hours of programming on a T-120 tape. 1 Start RecordingFollow

Page 17 - Title/Chapter/Time Selection

4746The S-Video or Component Video connection is only for the DVDplayer. The tuner and VCR will still be viewed through the RF orline inputs.You must

Page 18 - Subtitle

Connect the front, center, and surround speakers and thesubwoofer to the speaker terminals on the back of the main unit.1 Connect the speakers to the

Page 19 - Repeat Chapter/Title

You can customize the sound to best fit the specific acoustics of theroom by adding a delay to the sound from the center and surroundspeakers.The dela

Page 20 - ❷

Dolby Pro Logic II is a new format for playing multichannel audiosignals that offers improvement over conventional Dolby Pro Logic. It can be used to

Page 21 - Special VCR Playback Features

You can automatically or manually tune in to FM and AM stationsto listen to radio broadcasts.1 Press the FM/AM button.• Each time you press the button

Page 22 - Variable Search System

5756Connecting Other Video EquipmentYou can connect a wide variety of audio/video equipment to yourDVD-VCR, including:• An additional VCR• Laser Dis

Page 23 - Special Recording Features

5Table of Contents◆ 5 - DVD Setup. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Disc Menu Language

Page 24 - How to Set a Timer Recording

5958Technical SpecificationsAUDIO 2 Stereo audio inputs, RCA Connector, -8dbm, 47KΩ,Inputs VIDEO 2 Composite video inputs, RCA Connector, 75Ω, 1Vp-pRF

Page 25 - Connecting the Speakers

AK68-00194A(01)2003.04.07 ELECTRONICSSAMSUNG ELECTRONICS AMERICA, INC.HEADQUARTERS105 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, N.J.07660-0511TEL: 1-800-SAMS

Page 26 - Speaker Volume Control

7Feature SummarySystem Features• Complete versatility to play DVD, audio CDs, MP3 discs or VHS Tapes.• Watch a DVD while recording a TV show to the VC

Page 27 - Dolby Pro Logic II decoder


Page 28 - SOUND mode/effect function

11Remote Control OverviewInsert Remote Control Batteries• Remove the battery cover by pushing down on the thumb tab andsliding the cover.• Insert tw

Page 29 - Monitor TV Connections

12 13Basic Connections/Auto SetupIn this section, you will connect the DVD-VCR to your televisionand run Auto Setup, which automatically searches for

Page 30 - Technical Specifications

1514Basic VHS PlaybackTo play a videotape, simply insert it in the VHS deck and press thePlay button. Tapes without Record Safety Tabs can be set to p


1716Menu LanguageFollow these steps to change the on-screen menu language toEnglish, French or Spanish.1 Open “MENU”With the DVD in stop mode, press t

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